HIIT/Strength (MetaPWR)

Fire up your metabolism!

This High Intensity Interval Training session, utilising bodyweight and resistance exercises, will leave you feeling strong!

Get a more effective workout in less time

Not having the time, or not enjoying exercise, are a couple of the main reasons we’re likely to skip a workout. But an effective HIIT session can be as short as 15 minutes and still get results, making it hard to justify not making like Nike and just doing it.

The work-rest-work-rest formula of a HIIT workout pushes the body to burn more fat and build more lean muscle mass than when exercising at a steady pace.

The intense level of training performed during a HIIT session means your body has to draw in more oxygen afterwards to repair itself, forcing the metabolism to work harder for hours, even up to a couple of days after a high-intensity interval workout.

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