Mum’s Workouts

For you and your baby!

Mum’s Workouts group training can help you get back into exercise – and you can bring your baby with you!

Sometimes after having a baby the gym is not appealing or leaving your children in the crèche services provided just isn’t for you.

That is where Mums Workouts can help you get back into exercise. You can bring your baby with you. Booking is essential.


What we offer

  • Outdoor group exercise
  • Pelvic floor safe program
  • Womens health physio partners


What does the session involve?

  • Low impact exercises help mums to ease back into exercise
  • Focus on regaining core strength and getting your pre baby body back
  • Comfortable, safe and welcoming locations
  • Come and meet other like minded mums!
  • Limited numbers so your experience is personalised


What to bring

A towel, a hat, water bottle, yoga mat if you have one, suitable shoes, things for baby (food, drink, nappies, toys, hat etc if outdoor session), your pram, a mat or blanket for baby to lay on, your smile!

We can’t wait to meet you

Take the first step towards getting fit and healthy in a fun and friendly environment.